Choosing the right supplier for your business’s energy supply contract can create high levels of stress and take up so much of your valuable time.
But it doesn’t have to be like that, if you allow me to manage the whole process for you.
Whilst you are busy being focused on the success of your company, I am researching and monitoring daily energy prices, Analysing the energy market, talking directly to suppliers, identifying key trends and other factors which can affect energy prices and there are a lot of them !

With the help of a fantastic support team, my industry resources and technical data provided, making sense of all these factors in terms of their impact on energy prices is what I do.
It is what I am already doing for my existing client base who tell me they like me helping their business because:
• I save them lots of time and money.
• They trust me to know the right time for them to buy.
• I treat their business as my own which gives them absolute peace of mind.
• I deal personally with their account and am their single point of contact.

With a contract in place there is still the matter of monitoring usage and checking your bills are accurate.
• Are you in credit with your supplier?
• Do they hold money in their account that could be returned to you?
• Does the bill accurately show your usage?
There are occasions when more serious matters impact my client’s business in terms of wrongly charged accounts or significant outstanding balances on accounts, for which payment is demanded.
In these situations I will:
• Undertake detailed investigations/due diligence on behalf of my clients.
• Hold discussions with supplier, clarify all the facts
• Negotiate settlement or payment plan between supplier/debt recovery agencies and my client.