‘Not including renewal customers’

Another of those emails dropped into our tray today….Why is it that many suppliers of services tend to penalise their existing client base by rather offering tempting new packages at attractive prices to lure in the unsuspecting prospect. We constantly see new 12 month contract offers at rates some way below ‘industry standard’ prices of the moment and many new clients are acquired by this means.

Come month13 however it is a very different story and the now ‘existing customer’ is moved into the ‘renewal price’ arena, unable to gain access to the juicy prices being offered to potential newbies.

At GET we treat our customers as if part of the family, we take a long term approach to the retention of them as our clients. Their business success is our success in that we play a small part in keeping our services to them the most beneficial and competitively priced possible. We are constantly on the look out for and secure prices that outdo those renewal only deals.

Please call us today to discuss your renewal prices and perhaps become part of our family

Testimonial – Springvale Leisure Limited

Mark first contacted me in 2005 when I was financial director of a company. I don’t normally take cold calls but on speaking to him I was interested in his services and thought I had nothing to lose if we met. Following our meeting I engaged him to broker both the gas and electricity supplies instantly saving the company many thousands of pounds.

I since joined another company who were already using Mark’s services and we still do.

Mark is extremely good at securing the best deal and at no cost to us. I can highly recommend him if you want to save significant money on your energy bills.

Management Accountant.

Springvale Leisure Limited

Manners Rd Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire