Energy firms are routinely bungling simple meter readings and overcharging customers thousands of pounds as a result. What should be the most basic of tasks for trained staff has become a source of alarm.

Along with inaccurate bills, wrong meter reads are responsible for nearly half of all complaints about energy companies. Common grievances include suppliers mixing up the different rates they charge for energy used during the day and night. Then there is often confusion between older imperial gas meters and newer metric ones, as well as incorrect meter readings taken and then added to the supplier’s database.

Suppliers compound the problem by taking months to correct readings on their system, even after customers have called in with the correct readings.

What all this means to you is a lot of time and effort taken and well as your money !

For those clients of ours that request it, we manage all the supplies taking monthly or quarterly meter readings and checking every bill that comes out before the customer has received it, regularly having errors corrected at that early stage.

We monitor the account in terms of its debit and credit status ensuring the supplier isn’t hanging on to funds that would be better utilised in our customer’s bank.

Please give us a call if you have a need for this kind of supply management.