Who Is

I have been an Energy Consultant  since October 2005

The services I help companies with include;

  •  Research & monitor daily energy prices, ensuring the best deal to match customer needs
  • Analyse the energy market, identifying key trends & factors which affect energy prices
  • Undertake detailed investigations/due diligence on behalf of my clients.

Tender for and present all quoted ‘on the day’ prices

There are a lot of numbers to get your head around as well as key trends and market factors, so one needs to be highly-skilled in order to accurately interpret and understand the figures – that’s me! A combination of 10 years’ experience and a keen eye for detail means I can spot buying opportunities very quickly because I know exactly what to look out for.

My clients often tell me they like working with me because:

 I save them time & money
  • They trust me to know the right time for them to buy
  •  I treat their business as my own which gives them absolute peace of mind
  •  I deal personally with their account & am their single point of contact
  • They don’t quite know what I do, but I make their life easier!

I pride myself on the level of service I provide. I don’t just turn up once a year before contract renewal. I speak to all my clients on a regular basis. It is through this level of contact and service that I can be confident I’m always up-to-date with any changes in their business so I can advise them accordingly.

I support companies UK-wide in Aerospace, Manufacturing, Processing Plants, Cold Storage, Local Authorities….. It is rare for clients to leave me so I know I’m doing something right. Some of them have been with me for 10 years now.

So, if YOU were getting the best energy deal, at the best time, and the best service – would you go anywhere else?
I have an employment background in blue-chip corporate business and have been professionally trained so understand exactly how to provide the highest quality service to discerning clientele. I am proud to have brought these skills to my own business.

 Although I have the backing of a fantastic support team, my clients have the assurance of knowing when it comes to managing their account, they will always deal with me personally – right down to taking their meter readings! They are confident I will work as an extension of their business, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. 

I work with businesses of all sizes, the length and breadth of the country, managing their energy supply contracts.

It is vital that I identify the right deal for them at the right time, which means I need to:

  • Liaise directly with energy suppliers, remedying any issues
  • Log and analyse my clients’ energy consumption to ensure there are no anomalies
  •  Produce reports to demonstrate how consumption compares to the previous year
  • Ensure all processes for provision, usage and termination are followed correctly.
  • With almost 10 years industry experience and some 500 supplies managed, my clients reap the full benefits of this knowledge and expertise.